Manage Print like any other IT Service

Scalable for the Enterprise

EKM Insight provides Enterprise customers with a modular MPS software infrastructure that is highly scalable, can easily integrate with your IT service desks, and ERP systems for an incredibly efficient and optimised management solution.

EKM Insight works beautifully with devices from any manufacturer and can start to help you manage your printing equipment today, with little overhead and without any need to lock yourself into a single manufacturer’s products.

The system can be deployed on premise or as a private and secure cloud solution. A practically unlimited number of device monitors can be deployed throughout your network to ensure a real-time response from all devices, no matter how many you have installed, with negligible impact on your network.

You have a central and single point of total control with instant and easy access to devices.

Optimised for your business

EKM Insight delivers a comprehensive service when fully integrated into your IT infrastructure. It will assist in service design, product and equipment selection, ongoing asset management high volume supply chain logistics, with scalable qualified incident management and service delivery. Utilising EKM Insight as a fundamental part of your Managed Print strategy allows Enterprises to achieve the Perfect Managed Print Service managing multiple partners to provide top quality core services efficiently.

EKM Insight enables you to provide a powerful, yet intuitive service that can be tailored to your organisation to provide you competitive advantage and reduce your costs. Its clean and simple design helps you innovate to provide more effective and more intelligent services for your users with minimal management overhead.

EKM Insight offers you increased control reduced cost and continuous improvement without increased hassle.

Advanced services

An on-premise implementation will enable direct access to any printer from the central portal server. You will be able to configure, re-start and diagnose issues prior to deploying engineering resources. For certain manufactures this can also be securely implemented from a cloud based implementation, depending on the manufacture’s products installed.

You will be notified about device availability and all moves and changes to ensure efficient asset management and control even if change control procedures have not been followed as they should.

EKM Insight offers comprehensive planning operational management and repotting tools to help you achieve a quality print service. Manage your printers just like all your other IT services. Contact us now to show you how