Print Service Lifecycle Management

Manage Print like any other IT Service. EKM provides Service Providers and Enterprises a highly modular and flexible Managed Print Service Software


Enhance service control, reduce the cost of service delivery, enhance service value, enhance business agility, have quality full service information at your fingertips, embrace remote control, control your print service whilst mobile from your tablet.

Meeting the needs of
Print Service Providers
IT MSPs and Resellers


Establish the right service strategy for you, know your current full service costs, establish a service design that sustainably drives down service cost and service delivery cost, operate the service at the lowest cost, Improve the service as your business and its supporting technologies evolve.

Meeting the needs of
Enterprise and Public Sector Customers
Procurement Managers
IT Service Managers


Start with consumables only services, from automatic lead generation, develop customer loyalty and value, grow incrementally to complete contracted services.


Meeting the needs of
Distributors and IT resellers
Business Development Executives
Category Managers

Welcome to EKM

EKM Global delivers outstanding Print Service Management Software, Consulting Professional Services and Channel Development support. We are committed to the success of our customers. We are firmly focused on delivering unrivalled value to make a real difference to you and your client’s needs. Being committed to excellence our staff apply their extensive knowledge to your requirements. Our success depends on your success.

Imagine the Perfect Managed Print Service – Scalable for the Enterprise

EKM Insight provides Enterprise customers with a modular MPS software infrastructure that is highly scalable, can easily integrate with your IT service desks, and ERP systems for an incredibly efficient and optimised management solution.


EKM Insight provides between 5 and 10 times the productivity of any other system we have looked at.

At a strategic level, EKM Insight is a considerable asset to business agility.

Using EKM Insight’s predictive supplies management system can remove between 10% and 20% of wasted consumables that would result from a standard alert-based system and optimise your stock and shipping costs.

EKM Insight quietly ‘chats’ where others shout, and during busy periods it self-optimises to minimise the network impact.

Using EKM Insight in Government departments, the Health Sector, and secure defence sites is the best solution due to the inherent secure communication methods used.

EKM Insight can manage thousands of devices at multiple sites under a single aggregated system with minimal impact on network performance or management resources.

EKM Insight delivers the Service you always wanted… but without the pain.

EKM’s secure remote control let us resolve potential problems before the customer know they exist.

This is Brilliant.