Delivering industry leading new functionality and value

EKM Insight with HP Smart Device Services Integration through a single interface adds significant new value.

EKM and HP technology Integration

The HP Smart Device Services integration with EKM Insight provides a logical extension to and builds on the core concepts at the heart of EKM Insight

  • Predictive services
  • Powerful remote control
  • Active asset management
  • Advanced consumable supply chain management
  • Pre-emptive service engineering management
  • Operator productivity

HP Smart Device Services enables these features to be significantly enhanced and implemented at a device level far more effectively fully supporting the capabilities of HP printing products.

As a result, EKM Insight with HP Smart Device Services delivers the most comprehensive implementation of the 5 HP target use cases providing the most advanced and leading print service management system in the market today.

HP Smart Device Services use cases

  • Diagnose before dispatch
    • Solve problems quickly – First time fix
    • I understand the device issue and how to solve the problem before I dispatch service
  • Remote remediation
    • Reduce onsite service visits
    • I can fix simple device issues remotely with fewer customer interruptions
  • On Demand Training
    • High service delivery experience – First time fix
    • My technician knows how to quickly solve the problem before arrival
  • Supplies Management
    • Reduce supplies risk and early cartridge replacement
    • I can optimize supplies management to increase savings
  • Missing Printers (Collect bill and manage)
    • Minimize lost clicks and easily track local device usage
    • I can reliably monitor and track all my HP devices to get accurate page counts for every billing cycle
    • reduces invoice dispute overheads

Ease of use and enhanced productivity

These new capabilities have been practically and context sensitively integrated into the established EKM Insight workflows enabling the relevant features to be easily accessible to users just when they are needed.

Productivity and quality of service is naturally enhanced whilst continually driving down the cost of service delivery

  • Combined EKM and HP technologies to provide a Simple User and Service Provider experience
  • Tremendous End User value through a ground breaking predictive remote service solution
  • Service Provider productivity and profits up whilst reducing costs
  • New enhanced efficient service management workflows enhancing end user satisfaction

Simple implementation

  • A single install and a single modern advanced and flexible user interface through EKM Insight provides a single point of control to fully take full advantage of HP’s Smart Device Service programs and equipment value
    • No additional tools or processes to learn and support
    • Reduce service management cost and increase productivity
  • Enhanced end customer service experience through HP Smart Device Service management capabilities of the solution
    • Remote investigation and fix
    • Fewer on site visits
    • Faster issue resolution at lower cost
    • Close and open service collaboration

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