Effective, proactive, total print management solutions

EKM’s objective analysis and independent advice saved us 60% of a seven figure total print cost over the next five years – and we’re not tied to any supplier.

Thames Valley Police

Who we are

EKM is the world’s leading managed print service software supplier and consultancy. EKM is an independent company with 20 years’ experience of delivering dramatic performance improvement for companies, enterprises, managed service providers, resellers and wholesalers. EKM is committed to helping its customers optimise print resources and operations and lock the gains in through advanced service delivery automation software. As a result, EKM customers save money, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and minimise wasted staff time – so boosting productivity and their bottom line.

What we do

EKM is completely independent of any manufacturer. We provide objective analysis of your entire print operation using our unique EKM Insight and Analysis tools, and deliver knowledge-based reports on how you can streamline your print operations. Our EKM Insight print management software will then enable you to continue to benefit from optimised print operations. We guarantee that we will save you money and wasted staff time while optimising your entire printer management workflow.

Who we do it for

EKM Insight is relied on by many leading managed service providers, resellers and wholesalers to deliver efficient, all-round printer fleet management for thousands of customers. EKM Insight also gives companies and enterprises all the tools they need to manage their print requirements in-house, giving them the freedom to work with whichever reseller or wholesaler they choose. Our customers range across defence, education, health authorities, police forces, accountants, manufacturers and management consultants. Any organisation that has 10 or more printers/MFDs will benefit from our expertise and insight.